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I Am Tasha Butler

When I’m not creating content, you can find me in the training room or on the field. During the day, I’m known as Mrs. Tasha, a high school athletic trainer, and during the night I’m known as Mrs. Butler, the wife of an amazing husband, Justin. “Husbae” is truly my best friend and partner in crime (just kidding!). We enjoy traveling the world together, trying new restaurants, and of course-- Netflix & chill.

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The Regal Lady


The Regal Lady is a platform and community for any millennial woman on the move looking to live her best life! So as you read my blog, scroll through my feed, and listen to my podcast, I want you to walk away feeling inspired to be you, do you, for you.

I love making real connections with real people in real life and hope to do so with you. Whether you're a Baltimore native like myself or a social media friend, my goal is to get to know the real you and make new genuine relationships. So stay for a while, make yourself comfortable, and be sure to subscribe to The Regal Lady so that you never miss what's new!

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