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  • Tasha Butler

Festival Essentials With PrettyLittleThing

Regal Ladies!!!!!!

Are you all as ready for the summertime as I am?

For the past two summers, I’ve been attending more and more festivals and I can’t wait to hit the streets this year! Last year I attended CurlFest for the first time, and the year before that I went to Hennypalooza. Two totally different types of festivals, but the essentials were all the same. Wear something cute, comfortable, functional, and stay hydrated!!

...I told ya’ll I went to HENNYpalooza lol

This year, I’m already planning on going to The Roots Picnic, which will be my first music festival, and I might hit up AfroPunk this year also. Either way, I know that PrettyLittleThing has me covered from head to toe for whatever moves that I make.

Check out this list of festival essentials to get ready for the summer!

1. A Cute Outfit

Now this is a no brainer! No matter what festival you attend, being dressed to impress is always the mood. Whether you’re going for a bohemian look, or a street style look, PLT has festival styles for days.

Bodysuit can be found HERE

2. Comfortable Shoes


...and you know exactly “what girl” I’m talking about. Ladies, spare your ankles and wear flats! These snake print combat boots that I have are not only super cute, but they’re super comfortable as well. Most festivals last all day and are normally outside on a field. Wear something that won’t have your heels stuck in the ground, or feet swollen by the end of the day.

Shoes can be found HERE

3. A Fanny Pack

Trends will always come back in style, especially if they’re functional trends. Who wants to be stuck holding all of the bags when your friends go to the bathroom? Not I! To avoid awkward requests, purses slipping off of shoulders, and bags getting in the way, wear a fanny pack! It’s so easy to to just slip your phone or money in them and keep it moving. They also provide a sense of protection. If you’re at a crowded festival it’s super easy for someone to slip something in your purse, or worse, take something out! Go the safer route and wear a fanny pack around your waist.​

Fanny Pack can be found HERE

4. Sunglasses

Whether you’re being shady or trying to catch some shade, a nice pair of sunglasses can always come in handy. Take some time before your festival plans to see which style of frames work for your face. PLT offers cat eye, round lens, aviator frames and more! Check out these round lens sunglasses below and see if they’re a match for you!​

Sunglasses can be found HERE

5. Positive Vibes

Energy never lies. Make sure that you’re in high spirits and are anticipating on having a great time. It will be crowded, there will be long lines, and the bathrooms might not be the cleanest, but always be in a state of positive vibes only. Bring your partner in crime with you and get ready to have a blast!

Friend NOT for sale

I hope that this list is helpful as you’re planning your summer moves this year. Be sure to check out PrettyLittleThing for all of your festival essentials.

Already have plans? Drop them below and let me know where you’re going!

***This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.


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