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  • Tasha Butler

On The Go Trends

Since the new school year started, I have literally been on the go, non-stop. From covering football games to planning the Content CreateHer Conference, I’ve been making moves all around town.

With my busy schedule, I honestly don’t have time to get “cutesy” just to run errands. Yes, I still want to look fly (lol), but comfort has become my priority when styling my outfits.

As I am getting closer to “the year of 30”, I see….and feel, how important it is to be comfortable in your skin, in your clothes, and in your shoes!

Right now, I’m loving these Cliff Natural Snake sneakers from Steve Madden. Comfort + fashion all in one. I love pairing them with biker shorts, sneakers, and skirts. They absolutely transform any basic outfit to #streetstyleready .

...and you know I love a good snake print!

Can you believe that my bag was only $5? My local Goodwill always has great finds.

What are some of your favorite styles while on the go? Are you a sneaker girl or flats girl? Athleisure or jeans and t-shirt?

Shoes: HERE

Images by: Kris Williams

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