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  • Tasha Butler

10 Minute Daily Stretching Routine

Hey Ladies! Many of you may not know, but outside of blogging, I am also an athletic trainer. One of the most important lessons that I try to instill in my student-athletes is the importance of stretching. Stretching allows the muscles to stay flexible and keeps joints mobile. Have you ever noticed how stiff your hip can get after sitting for extended periods? I know I have. Especially with our current stay home orders, I find myself lounging on my couch for hours which leaves my hamstrings tight and my low back feeling stuck.

Long story short, COVID-19 has me feeling achy, sore, and overall OLD hahaha.

…..and I know I’m not alone lol..

I realized that I should practice what I preach and start stretching daily.

I created this simple morning routine that should take you no more than 10 minutes to complete.

Join me as I walk you through our Regal Lady 10 Minute Daily Stretching Routine!

Suggested Routine: (to be completed on both sides)

Ankle Circles 10x clockwise, 10x counterclockwise

Ankle Pumps 10x

Butterfly Stretch 3x30s

Neck Circles 5x clockwise, 5x counterclockwise

Upper Trapezius Stretch 2x30s

Levator Scapulae Stretch 2x30s

Cross-Body Stretch 2x30s

Overhead Stretch 2x30s

Chest Stretch 3x30s

Cat & Camel 5x each, 3 sets

Child’s Pose 3x30s (in three directions, right)

Downward Dog 3x30s

Cobra Stretch 3x30s

Pigeon Stretch 2x30s

Seated Hamstring Stretch 3x30s

Double Leg Seated Hamstring Stretch 2x30s


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