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  • Tasha Butler

30 Life Lessons I Learned By 30

Almost 30 days ago I experienced my 30th trip around the sun.

30 years of life lessons. 30 years of worldly knowledge. 30 years of growing. 30 years of learning. 30 years of loving. And, 30 years of evolving.

Though my time on this earth may seem short lived to some, I know I’ve been here before.

*cues Erykah Badu Next Lifetime”

With all of these experiences, I’ve learned so much about the world and know the “universe”. I actually came across a podcast episode during one of my recent morning walks and overheard the host say that they believed in God and not the Universe….as if they were two different things….

I’ve learned that God is whatever you define it to be. That everything is energy and that I am a co-creator conspiring with the universe to reach my fullest potential and to manifest all of my heart’s desires. I always wondered why Oprah would ask her Super Soul Sunday guests what their definition of God was….now I understand why.

When I journaled for my 30th birthday, all I could think about was everything that I've experienced and overcome and how much more living and learning I have left to do.

I am so excited.

Everything in my soul tells me that 30 will be monumental for me and I am so grateful in advance for all of the blessings that will continue to come my way. You see, I’ve learned that I am a Master Manifestor, that I have the power to speak over my life. When I’m in my moments of self reflection, I always realize that I am living the life that I once wished, hoped, and prayed for. It’s crazy how operating from a place of gratitude leads to abundance.

That’s probably one of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned over the past few years as well. If you always show appreciation for the things that you have now, the universe will respond and will reward you with more of that. Likewise, if you’re always complaining or have a negative outlook on life, those projections will have a direct impact on your life. Have you ever wondered why people have so much bad luck or misfortunes? It’s probably because they keep saying and thinking, “Why do I always have bad luck?”. That thought in itself tells the world that you are affirming and are attracting these negative outcomes. Change your mindset first Sis and watch the blessings unfold.

It’s crazy how operating from a place of gratitude leads to abundance.

Check out my book list to see some of the books that have helped me in my journey!

I thought it would be nice for me to share with you the 30 life lessons that came to my mind when I journaled in hopes that you can relate and that you may walk away with a new perspective. If any of these lessons stand out to you, share this post with a friend and feel free to let me know your thoughts by sending me a message on the gram.

Until next time,

peace + love + light

30 Life Lessons I Learned By 30

1. Peace over everything

2. Do it afraid

3. Love is the answer

4. It’s okay to outgrow friendships

5. Don’t waste time doing something you’re not passionate about

6. Not everyone will see your vision...and that’s okay

7. Learn to listen without talking about yourself

8. Liberate yourself

9. Apologize when you are ready

10. Know that your shit stinks too

11. Truth comes out in jokes

12. Pay attention to how people respond to your wins

13. Stop expecting yourself in others

14. It always stems from childhood

15. Mind your business...respectfully

16. Know your why

17. Invest in rest

18. Go with the flow

19. Day 1’s may not always be your a1’s

20. Family won’t always understand

21. Be open to reconciliation

22. Be intentional in everything you do

23. Speak over your life

24. Nothing is what it seems (we’ve been told lies)

25. If it doesn’t feel right...don’t do it

26. Know when to say less

27. Pick and choose your battles

28. You are the energy that you attract

29. Remember to have fun

30. Be you, do you, for you

Photography by Vernon Davis


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