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  • Tasha Butler

Farmhouse Laundry Room Makeover

As first-time homeowners, Husbae and I are super excited to add our own personal style to our new house. Seeing as though we didn’t decorate our apartment too much we wanted our first project to be beginner DIY friendly. We figured our laundry room would be a great start. It’s big enough for us to put our creativity, skills, and Home Depot card to use lol, but it’s also small enough for us to not feel too overwhelmed.

Since we moved in, I’ve pinned a ton of ideas to my Home Decor Pinterest board. As you can assume, I’ve found a ton of inspiration on there.

We decided to go with a farmhouse style, which is something totally out of the norm for us. Once we agreed on the wallpaper, (I wanted shiplap, he wanted brick….in the end, I won ha!) we set a budget and started our makeover process! We were able to complete the makeover for under $500! You can shop the links to the products that we purchased for our laundry room below.

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Home Depot

Pictured Above:

43" Black-Brown Lack Shelf (purchased from IKEA, similar shelves linked)

Wash Your Worries Away Wooden Sign ( purchased from Etsy)

Threshold Aseana Small Tapered Bin (purchased from Target, used for dryer sheets)

Threshold 11" Decorative Coiled Rope Square Basket (purchased from Target, used for pods)

Artificial Fern Plant (purchased from Target)

Everspring Liquidless Reed Diffuser (purchased from Target)

Mainstays Glass Jar with Locking Lid (purchased from Walmart, used for scent boosters)

Gallon Glass Dispenser (purchased from Walmart, used for detergent and fabric softener)

Pictures Below:

Laundry Room Organizer (purchased from Wayfair)

Laundry Schedule Wood Sign (purchased from Wayfair)

Can't wait for our next project!


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