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  • Tasha Butler

3 Red Lipsticks You Should Try This Holiday Season

With the holiday season right around the corner, now is the perfect time to grab your beauty essentials. And what holiday party or outfit would be right without a good red lip?

Wearing red lipstick has totally been “my thing” for years. Back during my college days, I was even called “Tasha Red Lip”...partly because of my Facebook name being Tasha R L and partly because of...well the obvious. Lol I loved wearing red lipstick! Whether it was for a fashion show, girls’ night out, or even going to class, you could always find a red lip in my purse.

The first red lipstick that I can remember being obsessed with was Ruby Woo from MAC. It’s a matte, long-wearing, bold red lipstick. Such a classic! Since then, I’ve tried tons of brands, shades, and textures over time. With Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties steadily approaching, I figured why not share three red lips that I’m loving right now.

(This post contains affiliate links but all thoughts are my own)


Now, I had to start with my favorite of the three. Currently, I am loving The Lip Bar’s Cosmo lipstick. For starters, I love the packaging that it comes in, the casing is everything! Also, it’s ingredients are vegan. It goes on nice and smooth and is highly pigmented. You won’t need many layers for this red lip to POP! Cosmo can be found online at The Lip Bar or at your local Target.

Price: Ranges between $11.99 - $13

If you’re not into bright red lips, I have a darker option for you. Beauty Bakerie’s Cranberry Stiletto Lip Whip is the answer! This smudge-proof lippie goes on liquid and dries matte. The applicator is shaped perfectly to fill in every crease of your lips and it is also vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free. Did I mention, they’re also Black-Owned?! You can grab this online or at your local Ulta Beauty.

Price: $20

For my ladies who like to add a little gloss and sheen to their lips, you should check out Maybelline’s Shine Compulsion Scarlet Flame. Their Shine Compulsion Lipstick Makeup By Color Sensational collection features over 15 different shades. If you’re looking for a lightweight lipstick that increases color with more strokes, check it out. You can find this at your local drugstore or Ulta Beauty.

Price: $7.99

Are you a red lip lover like myself? If you’re ready to stand out at the Christmas party and make a statement, grab your red lip today!


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