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  • Tasha Butler

Don't Rush It, Don't Force It

Happy July!!!

This month’s Regal Lady Reflection is : Don’t Rush It, Don’t Force It.

It’s crazy how ideas just come to you. This was not the reflection that I had planned for this month. However, one day last week, as I was home journaling, I told myself “Tash, don’t rush it and don’t force will happen when it’s supposed to happen.”

I feel that the goals that I have set for myself will be due time. I’m okay with “staying in my lane”...for now lol. I understand that you have to trust the process and respect the grind. Far too many times I see people trying to rush their come up and end up let down and stuck rebuilding. Why not take time to nurture your idea rather than throw it out to the world when it’s premature. Think of it as a baby. Although the mom is super excited to meet her child, she’s not going to induce herself into labor! Give that baby/idea time to grow.

The same goes with relationships. Don’t force it. For me, I’ve had a hard time in the past letting friendships go. I didn’t understand why they ended when we weren’t on bad terms. Now I realize that, those friends/friendships served a purpose that had been fulfilled. Some friendships are meant to last a for a season and for a reason….and that’s okay! Don’t force a relationship that’s no longer meant to be.

Take a look at this month’s Regal Lady Reflection live recording and let me know what you think! (BTW, I probably should've added a cover image to this smh lol but I rushed to write this post this morning after going live lol #learningtopracticewhatIpreach)


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