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  • Tasha Butler

The Honey Pot Company Product Review

Is Your Honey Pot Still Sweet?

Well, if not, HoneyPot is here to save the day!

The HoneyPot Company is a Black Female owned company that specializes in feminine care products. Biodegradable and powered by herbs, Honey Pot Co is good for all skin types. Known for offering “The first complete feminine care system that cleanses, protects, and balances your vagina”, their line of products include pads, pantiliners, tampons, feminine wash and wipes, and they recently launched an intimate lubricant. Honey Pot Co offers these products through systems (packages) for normal and sensitive vaginas, as well as for mommies to be.

I personally have tried the sensitive skin feminine care wash and the pads. The feminine wash works well. The benefits of this product are that it "washes away odor-causing bacteria, hydrates your vulva, and balances your pH for long lasting freshness". I personally haven’t had any bacterial infections since using the product, so I can’t say that it’s cured anything. However, I don’t use soap “down there”, and this has been a great alternative. I will probably order the regular wash next.

Now the pads…I absolutely love! I’ve tried natural pads in the past but I wasn’t a fan of them (I’ve also tried a menstrual cup before….COMPLETELY different story lol). However, I noticed that the cotton would break apart quickly and I would feel like I could “smell” myself because they lacked deodorizers. Luckily, when wearing Honey Pot pads, I’m reassured that I’m covered and still smelling sweet. My favorite component of HoneyPot pads is the menthol, tingling, cooling feeling that you get when you put one on lol. I was warned that it might make my “pumpum” feel a little cold….

but I like it haha. In a weird way it’s very soothing and it helps with my cramps. You know first days of your cycle are always the worst days. Now, the best part of my first day is putting on a sweet Honey Pot Pad.

I’m so fortunate to have been introduced to this brand. While at Summit21 last year, the creator and founder of The Honey Pot Company, Bea Feliu-Espada, spoke on one of the panels. She shared her story of her gynecological history and how she received a message to heal herself. I loved the fact that she was so down to earth and had this dope feminine care line. One of my life goals is to have a household of all Black Owned products. Being able to check pads off of my list is great!

Join me in spreading the word on this amazing product and supporting this sista. HoneyPot pads can be found online at Also, be sure to check your local Target to see if they carry The Honey Pot Company products yet.

Have you tried HoneyPot before? Do you care if your feminine hygiene products are natural or chemical based? Try the Honey Pot Company and be sure to come back and let me know how you like them!

Be sure to follow them on Instagram: @TheHoneyPotCo


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