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  • Tasha Butler

How I Lost 30lbs Without Going To The Gym

Over the last year, I can’t believe that I actually lost a total of 30lbs!

All without taking a magic diet pill, wearing a waist trainer or even stepping foot into a gym!

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After I graduated from college, my weight began to fluctuate. Especially when I moved to North Carolina! I was working as an athletic trainer for a college men’s basketball team and traveled on the road with them 6 months at a time. Unfortunately, due to our frequent flights, extended road trips, and weekend hotel stays my diet totally took a hit for the worse! While on the road, most mornings I either skipped breakfast or ate some hotel’s powdered eggs (gross!) and most nights I ended it with a personal chicken alfredo pasta or bacon and cheese pizza on my lap! And of course, you know I was too lazy to actually utilize the hotels’ fitness centers. After two years, I had reached my heaviest weight of 180lbs. Honestly, knowing that I was 20 pounds away from 200 scared me and gave me the motivation that I needed to get off of the couch and into the gym. Within a few months, I was down 15lbs and feeling great.

... then I moved back to Baltimore. I fell right back in the habit of eating “a 4 piece chicken box with saltpepperketchuphotsauce” on everything, every weekend. As my husband and I were planning for our wedding, we both had goals of losing xyz lbs. As our wedding date got closer and closer, we realized that goal was a complete fail and we literally looked at each other and said “F**k it!” lol. Over time, my jeans started fitting tighter, my waistline got a little wider, and my face got a little chunkier. Before I knew it, I weighed 185lbs! I felt helpless. This time, I was actually going to the gym, eating what I thought was healthier, and even hired a personal trainer. But the weight just wouldn’t come off.

Then Nipsey Hussle passed away. This ignited the fuel for my husband and I to get back on track to living healthier lifestyles. On April 1st I went back to my pescatarian diet and my husband began his fasting journey. By the end of 2019, we both lost a combined total of 85 pounds. Strictly from changing our diets.

Read more to discover my three W’s to weight loss.

1. Walking

During the summer, I started my mornings with a walk around my neighborhood. Although my apartment had a fitness center with several treadmills, I preferred fresh air so I always opted for a brisk walk with Mother Nature. During these walks, I was able to clear my mind, talk to myself, and catch up on my favorite podcasts. I did this about 3 times a week for 30 minutes while wearing my Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer and Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer. I HATE running and honestly, this was my only form of cardio.

2. Water

As I previously mentioned, Nipsey Hussle’s transition fueled me and my husband’s lifestyle transformation. My husband started to do more research on fasting and anxiously gave it a try. First with intermittent fasting, then a 24 hour dry fast, and finally a 72-hour water fast. I quickly started to see the weight drop off of him and noticed a decline in his appetite. I had to get in on this! Haha In September I completed my first 72-hour water fast and lost 11 pounds! To my surprise, the weight stayed off! I also noticed a suppression in my appetite, which is a benefit of fasting. Other benefits include detoxification of the body, clearer skin, and a boost in both your metabolism and immune system. I also drank a bottle of water in the morning after waking up and with every meal.

3. Watch What I Eat

Now, though I’ve tried a plethora of apps, I’m not a calorie counter type of gal, I’ve never been that disciplined lol. But, I did make small changes to my diet and the choices that I made when eating socially. I stuck to a pescatarian(seafood) diet and incorporated more plant-based options into our weekly meals. I cut back on my alcohol intake and slowly cut out dairy from our diets. Now, when I do eat foods with cheese my body surely makes me pay for it! In addition to watching what I ate, I also listened to my body after eating certain foods. Try it! You’ll learn what’s good for you.

Overall, the small daily changes that I made quickly and easily became a habit. I didn’t have a goal of losing 30 pounds, I just knew that I was unhealthy and overweight and wanted better for myself. Honestly, the first time that I noticed that I lost weight was when my pants started to fit differently. My slacks began to slide off of my hips and I was finally able to slide into a pair of jeans that I never could get into. That’s when I knew this weight loss was real!

If you’re looking to make easy lifestyle changes to reach your health goals, try my 3 W’s to weight loss and let me know how it works out!

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