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  • Tasha Butler

How To Host The Perfect Housewarming

I must say, Husbae and I are truly blessed to finally be homeowners. What seemed like years of wish listing homes on Zillow, driving through ideal neighborhoods, and attending multiple first time home buyer classes, we FINALLY purchased our first home in December 2019.

With the uncertainty of weather and now our state….global emergency shutdown, we weren’t sure when we would be able to welcome our family and friends into our home. Luckily for us, we picked a date right before the mayhem began and were able to host our very first housewarming!

We live in a condominium development and sometimes parking and space can be very limited. Our solution for that was to host an “Open House” style housewarming. Similar to an “Open House” viewing, our loved ones would be able to freely stop by during a certain window of time throughout the day and come view the house. We actually hosted two house warmings that day. During the early afternoon, we hosted our family and later in the evening we flipped our housewarming into a house party to welcome our friends!

This post is sponsored by Posh Party Supplies, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

If you plan to host a housewarming anytime soon, here are some tips that I have for you:

Create Your Invitation On Evite For Free!

Evite has always been my go-to when sending invitations for any type of gathering or event. It’s free, easy to use, and you can even customize certain things like event details and send personalized thank you's. ---> Hosting a large event?? Here’s $50 off of Evite Pro!

Create An Online Registry

Nowadays it’s so easy to eliminate the guessing game of, “What do they want?” With registries, you can show friends and family exactly what you need with the click of a link. Place likes Target, Wayfair, and BedBath&Beyond allow you to add your favorite items from your wishlist to a registry that people can shop from. Clutch! We also included our registries on our Evite invitations.

Open House Style

This was a great idea that a friend of my mom suggested. As I mentioned we hosted two events that day, one from 1-5p, and the other from 5-8p. This removed the pressure of guests feeling obligated to stay the entire time and took away the guilt of those who just stopped by to say hi and to grab a plate lol….it was all good! In total, we had around 50 guests that day. However, since there was a constant balance of those arriving and leaving, seating was not an issue. Also, by having two separate events, we were able to cater to two different crowds. When the family noticed the influx of millennials arriving they knew that the after-party was just getting started!

Simple Menu

Finger foods, dips, and salads are the way to go! Our menu consisted of several types of meat, a few pescatarian options, dips, salad, and dessert. And might I add, I found this 3 ingredient White Peach Sangria recipe on Pinterest. Check it out here! Don't forget to hit that follow button so you stay up to date with any new pins!

Set The Theme With Your Tableware

Whats a great menu without great accompanying tableware? Set the tone with sturdy, eye-catching utensils from Posh Party Supplies! I am such a fan of this company. I first used them for my wedding in 2016 and have been a loyal customer ever since. I really like the quality of their products. Their plastic plates are as elegant as fine china, and their customer service is awesome. Shipping comes in no time! Thanks so much, Posh Party Supplies for gifting us several items to make our housewarming a success! Check out what we purchased below!

Lastly, don’t forget the most important key to hosting the perfect housewarming is to have fun! Be proud of your accomplishment, surround yourself with positive vibes, and celebrate life with loved ones!

Until next time,

The Butlers

Photography by Kris Williams


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