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  • Tasha Butler

Mural Arts Tour in Station North

A few weeks ago, Justin & I had the pleasure of exploring Station North Baltimore with Mural Art Tours. We have recently found an interest in learning more about our hometown’s culture and history, so we were super excited for this tour. Station North actually became the first area in Baltimore to receive the State designation as an Arts & Entertainment District, back in 2002. This tour of Station North takes you on a visual journey throughout the neighborhoods of Charles North, Greenmount West, and Barclay.

Artwork By Ernest Shaw

Our journey began at Milk & Honey Market on Lanvale Street where we were greeted by our amazing tour guide and creator of the Mural Art Tours At Station North, Liz Miller. Now, just a disclaimer: be sure to wear comfortable shoes! There is so much to see on this tour but you only have about 2 - 2.5 hours, so be prepared to walk. But fret not, Liz is an awesome tour guide and keeps you engaged the entire time. You won’t even notice the time fly by as you're getting your steps in for the day.

Artwork By Jessie Unter & Katey Truhn

Our first mural sighting was “Family Of Nine” painted by Michael Owen. This painting is based on a photograph taken by the late I. Henry Philips Sr. Mr. Philips Sr. was a photojournalist for the Afro-American newspaper who illustrated and documented the beauty, the struggle, and true stories of Blacks living in Baltimore dating back to the 1940’s. More of his work can be found throughout Baltimore through the IHenry Project.

Throughout the tour, we saw many murals which highlighted people of color. I found this mural below to be a great conversation starter. My interpretation of the painting was that this was a young African American girl who is going through different phases of life (represented by the moon phases) while self reflecting (reflecting on her past in the horse stable) and envisioning her highest self (future self in cap). Just like a Regal Lady, right !?!

Check out more below!

Artwork By Layqa Nuna Yawar

I was amazed by how much art and history could be found in Station North, and Liz did a phenomenal job explaining the art culture in Baltimore. We learned about state grants and organizations for local artists, visited the renowned Graffiti Alley and even bumped into a local artist while on the tour!!!

Graffiti Alley

On the corner of N. Charles St. and Lanvale St. you will find a former police booth adorned in colorful glass and reflective mirrors. As we stopped to admire this incredible piece of art, Mr. Loring Cornish, the actual creator of this piece approached us and gave us an exclusive!!!

Talk about luck! Check it out!

Artwork by Lorning Cornish

Overall, I had a blast on this tour! I love that I was able to see art in my backyard and learn more about the hidden gems in Baltimore. The creator of Mural Art Tours, Liz, was a breath of fresh air. She currently is an art teacher and MFA candidate at MICA. I can tell that she is sooo very passionate about her work with children and teaching them the power of using art as a creative outlet. Connect with Liz here and here.

The Mural Art Tours at Station North features over 60 points of interest. As much as I would love to show you all of the wall murals, I think you would enjoy seeing them so much more in person. Click HERE to grab your tickets.

When was the last time that you supported a local business? Take advantage of this incredible tour highlighting the beauty of Baltimore today.

Artwork by Will Watson]

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