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  • Tasha Butler

How To Balance Content Creation While On Vacation

Husbae and I love to travel! Whether we’re going across the world, or taking a weekend road trip getaway, the goal is to always RELAX! We both have busy schedules with our full time jobs, and even crazier schedules with our side hustles, so doing anything that takes us away from work is a vacation!

Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands

The only thing that gets in the way of a 100% relaxing vacation, are these darn creative juices of mine. Yes, I am one of those wives who begs her husband to be Photographer Bae….especially while on vacation! I mean, who else would be there to capture all of my good angles! Haha

But, I will say, when I am on vacation, I really do try my best to stay off of my phone. The goal is to create lasting memories, not capture every moment.

Why do we get so caught up in trying to show the world what we’re doing while on vacation, rather than actually experiencing it?

And I know what you’re probably thinking, “But aren’t you a blogger?”.

Yes, I am and I absolutely LOVE creating content, but I love living in the moment more! It’s all about balance, you know. Work hard, play hard…..ER! Haha

Check out these three tips to find out how I balance content creation while on vacation!

1. Schedule Content In Advance

THIS IS A LIFE SAVER!!!!!!! While we were away on our cruise, I scheduled all of @RegalLadySquad ‘s content. This was very helpful, especially because our wifi connection wasn’t always the strongest while at sea. @RegalLadySquad page features user generated content (UGC) so it’s a lot of link copying and reposting, rather than uploading images from my camera roll. Having the images already stored with captions and ready to post, saved time from me having to find what to post and actually posting and creating copy. Some of my favorite scheduling tools for Instagram are Planoly, Later, and Regrammer.

2. Create A Shot List

I am a planner!!!! Sometimes it’s annoying lol but most times, having that personal characteristic comes in handy. Before even boarding the plane, I normally already have in mind what my vacation blog posts will be about and what looks I want to shoot. Whenever I pack for vacation, I am always considering which outfits I want to take pictures in. And I’ll be honest, when I’m on vacation I do not do the most when it comes to styling outfits! Lol There’s so much exploring to do while on vacation and I want to feel comfortable. Cute, yes, but comfortable always. When it comes down to your shot list, jot down a few ideas based on your outfits and itinerary. For example, if you have a fancy dinner planned one night you could create content based around that. You could shoot some images of your stylish outfit in front of and inside of the restaurant, snap a few photos of you eating at the table, and maybe create a flatlay of food on your table. Boom! That’s at least one row of Instagram content right there!

Long story short, whatever you do, always plan in advance.

3. Work Hard, Play Hard

You’re on vacation to actually enjoy vacation….right?!? And, I understand as content createhers we want to always get the best shot, and create the best visuals, but in actuality, that’s still work sis! And if you’re anything like me, you’re not traveling with a professional photographer (yet). I’m sure Bae or even your friends that you’re traveling with won’t want to spend all of their time taking your pictures. They actually want to relax and could probably care less about your travel photoshoots. One way to compromise in this situation is to work hard first, then play harder afterwards. When on vacation, I always tell my Husband, “Let’s get these pictures out of the way first, and then we can turn up!” Imagine having a long day of excursions and then hearing, “Can you take my pictures?” Annoying, right? Block off time during that day before your activities to shoot and then put your phone or camera away!

I never want my Husband to feel like I’m putting him to work while we are on vacation. I also never want to be one of those vacationers who spends all of their time looking at the pictures they’ve taken rather than looking at this new world around them. When on a leisure vacation, enjoy yourselves ladies. Spend time with your loved ones, explore the town, and be in the moment!

Have a vacation coming up? Hope these tips help!


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