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  • Tasha Butler

Tips For Creating Content During COVID-19

Are these stay at home orders putting a damper on your creative juices?

Are you unsure of what to blog about right now?

Are you a vlogger who’s tired of making videos documenting your Corona Chronicles?

If you are a content creator, I’m sure that you’ve probably questioned yourself as to what is the “proper” way to communicate with your audience right now during COVID-19.

"Should I post that OOTD video? Should I post my latest vacation vlog?"

Recently, I received a lot of questions from my community of Content CreateHers asking questions around creating content during these difficult times. Many wanted to know how to stay motivated right now, asked for suggestions for creating content while at home, and wanted to know what exactly they should be focusing their content on during the pandemic. A few also expressed that it has become challenging for them to find the right words when attempting to communicate with their audience.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the right words either. We are living through some pretty tough times right now and we have to be sensitive to the fact that everyone is coping with it differently. What I can say, is that staying connected throughout all of this is what will get us through this together, and the best way to connect and engage with your audience is to keep it real and to provide your tribe with valuable content.

Last week I hopped on Instagram Live and answered your questions and shared tips for creating content during COVID-19. Check out my list of content ideas for different niches below and more in my video!

Style Bloggers

  • What I Would Have Worn OOTD

  • Spring Cleaning Closet

  • Loungewear Lookbook

  • Spring/Summer Essentials Shopping List

  • Summer Sandals Wish List

Natural Hair Bloggers

  • 30 / 60-day hair product review

  • Beauty Bin Product Haul

  • 3 Low Manipulation Styles To Wear During Lockdown

  • Favorite Protective styles List

  • How To Wear a Turban Tutorial

Food Bloggers

  • Healthy Smoothies To Build Your Immune System

  • What’s For Dinner Tonight Series

  • Cook With Me Live

  • Fun Recipes For Mom and the Kids

  • Meal Prepping Tips

Lifestyle Bloggers

  • Favorite Local Restaurants To Order From

  • Spring Cleaning Playlist

  • Work From Home Productivity Tips

  • Small Owned Business To Support

  • Favorite Apps for iPhone Editing

Beauty Bloggers

  • Makeup Class

  • How To Trim Your Eyebrows

  • Skincare Regime

  • DIY Face Mask

  • Favorite Moisturizers for Dry Hands

Do any of these ideas get your spark your creativity? Do you have any other ideas that would be helpful right now? Would love to hear your thoughts below.


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