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  • Tasha Butler

5 Ways To Boss Up This Year

A few months ago I turned 28 and realized that I am officially, OFFICIALLY in my late 20s (lol) and that my “30 year old, grown-ass-woman goals” deadline was quickly creeping up on me. I feel like it was just yesterday that I sat down to create my 3 year plan. Now you mean to tell me that I have less than two years left to accomplish these goals!!!!

Sheeeeeesh lol

Well, with that being said…

“I got a lot of work to do.”

2019 is all about bossin TF up! So if you’re anything like me, and you’re ready to take control of your life, check out these five actions that we can take now to boss up this year.

1. Just Go For It

What’s the worst thing that could happen?

It doesn’t work out? Someone tells you “No”.

Okay.... That’s it.... Now what?

I'm at a point in my life where I am so tired of seeing people who know less, create less, and do less than I do, end up with more than me. #thecomparisongame I know that life isn’t fair, but gahhleee lol. What makes me less deserving to not have the same opportunities? Is it not my time? Am I lacking something? It can't be my effort...right?

Then I had to cut that sh*t out. The only difference between me and the next person is that they went for it and I didn’t.

But that stops today! WE are going for any and every opportunity that has our name on it!

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Promote Yourself

I used to get sooooo annoyed when people would always bring up what they’re doing, what project they’re working on, what event is coming up, blah blah blah lol. Like come on, do you have to bring it up EVERY TIME that we talk?!!

...damn, I sound like a hater a little bit lol

But lately, my perspective has changed. I actually have come to respect and admire their hustle.​

Let's be honest.

Businesses and brands would not thrive without the support from customers, clients, etc. So if you have a product or offer a service, and you actually want to grow your business...WHY 👏🏾 WOULD 👏🏾 YOU 👏🏾 KEEP 👏🏾 IT 👏🏾 A👏🏾 SECRET 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Sis, don’t be afraid to tell the world about your blog, vlog, business, event, show, podcast, app, whatever! You have a gift for a reason, and it’s meant to be shared with the world!

3. Ask For What You Want

Self Doubt. Ego. Pride. Imposter Syndrome.

Need I continue?

HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT??? Stop worrying about stepping on other people’s toes, stop assuming that people are judging you based on what you are asking of them, and stop feeling weak if you are asking for help! If you want it, go get it!

Want customers--ask them to buy.

Want subscribers-- ask them to sign up.

Need friends to help promote-- ask them....well, we'll save that for another post lol

The people who are "just going for it" and who are "not afraid to promote themselves" are getting everything that they are asking for.

So hear me out.

Closed mouths don’t get fed....

and I don't know about you..

but I'm hungry!

4. Be Intentional With Everything That You Do

When it comes down to your time, your money, and your energy, ask yourself, “Is this in alignment with my goals?”

If the answer is no, then MOVE ON! When you are in the process of manifesting, you have to be intetional with everything that you do. Your thoughts become your reality. Energy flows, where your attention goes.

....and we need to be sure that it's flowing in the right direction lol.

Be intentional in your actions, prayers, and universal requests from the moment that you wake up to the moment that you go to sleep.

The Law of Attraction is real ya'll.

Ask. Believe.Receive. (Check out The Secret to find out more)

5. Acknowledge and Honor Your Small Accomplishments Along The Way

Every step that you take, whether big or small, is a step forward towards your goals.

Honor them!

Never belittle them.

Take note of what you have learned from your accomplishments and apply it towards the next big thing.

Trust me, if you don’t acknowledge the small wins, bigger ones won’t come your way.​

I am confident in knowing that if we fearlessly apply these actions in our daily lives, we will see progress in our journey. The time to wake up and realize that we are in control of our own lives is NOW.

So...I want to know...

Are you down for the ride?


Images and video captured by Tania of Images Composed


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