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  • Tasha Butler

Regal Lady Spotlight: Ejama McNeill "The Real Mama Hue"

Recently I had the privilege of catching up with Ejama McNeill in the first installment of "Regal Lady Spotlight: Where Are They Now". In this series, I'll be catching up with some of our original Regal Lady of the Month features. If you’ve been apart of The Regal Lady Squad from the beginning, then you might remember Ejama being featured in our “Regal Lady of the Month” spotlight back in 2016. During that time, Ejama was a wife and mom of four, caregiver to her mother, and an aspiring author who was laying the foundation of becoming a community leader for young girls.

Four years later, Ejama may have shifted some of her career goals, but the passion to uplift, support, and advocate for women and children is still there. Nowadays, Ejama -- or “The Real Mama Hue” as I like to call her, balances being a mother to 5 young boys, building her Hue empire, and assisting women throughout their birthing journey. She is the owner of the Baltimore plant-based cafe, Hue Cafe, the plant magic maker at Hue Apothecary, and offers doula services -- a true healer in many ways.

Ejama shared with me all that she’s working on now, while I got “waisted”.

Yes -- Ejama also offers waist beads! During our interview, we talked about everything

from the importance of Black women having a doula to the benefits herbal remedies and even on why Ejama decided to make a sudden but permanent life change.

Check out our interview below and be sure to connect with Ejama McNeill on social! You can visit her websites here, and

Btw, if you’re in Baltimore, be on the lookout for Hue Cafe’s pop ups! The vegan cheesesteaks are BOMB!


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