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  • Tasha Butler

Raw and UNcut

If 2018 was a chapter in my life’s story, I would title it “Self Awareness”.

This year has been eye opening and transformative in so many ways.

I’ve leaned on myself for a lot of my decision makings. Glad to say that me and my intuition have a special bond lol.

I’ve meditated a lot.

I’ve learned that day one’s aren’t always your A’1s. I’ve been wayyyy more open to meeting new people this year. I’ve connected with a lot of dope black women.

My circles are more defined.

I’ve learned that my husband and I are really dope...I mean, dope AF lol. He’s really my best friend. Coolest guy ever!

I’ve learned that it’s okay to follow your dreams and your passion. I’ve also learned that it’s okay to throw in the towel. This year, is the first year that I decided to take my blog serious. Literally, like around March or April, something just clicked! From then on, I’ve been obsessed with growing, building, developing, and expanding my brand. I love the feedback that I get from you all. It let’s me know that I’m moving in the right and direction and that I am making a difference.

On the other hand, I realized that I’m passionate about being a business owner, but no longer passionate about the hair extension industry. A few of you may know that I own a hair extension company called Regal Lady Hair. What began as my baby slowly turned into a burden. For several reasons, mainly personal, I decided to close my business. And I’m 100% okay with that because I am no longer passionate about that. Who’s to say that a year from now it will open back up?! Possibly. But it will be up to me and how my gut feels.

But “The Regal Lady”, that’s my baby lol.

I’ve learned to speak up more. Be present more. Show that I care more. Communicate more. Be more intimate in friendships. Show vulnerability. Be honest. Be honest with self.

I’ve reflected more. I’ve came to conclusions on my own more. I’ve “rebelled” more. I’ve spoken out against things more. I’ve saved more. I’ve also loss more.

I’ve been humbled more.

I’ve been grateful more.

I’ve manifested more.

I’m manifesting more.


I am excited for 2019. I am ready for 2019. I am accepting in 2019. I am pushing in 2019. I am working, I am learning in 2019. I am BUILDING in 2019. I am prospering in 2019. I am living 2019.



Images taken by : Arnold Farmer

Images taken at Hotel Revival, Baltimore, MD


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