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  • Tasha Butler

Hidden Treasure

Lately, I’ve been living in the moment more. Listening more, seeing more, and talking less. My mind has opened up to a whole new world and I’m so excited to continue exploring it.

But, when I’m not in my own thoughts, you can find me exploring my hometown city. At almost 30, I’m finally seeing all of the beauty that Baltimore offers. Now don’t get me wrong, there are a couple of neighborhoods that I probably won’t visit lol, but there are a hell of a lot that I will.

I honestly can attribute my eagerness to explore the city to my blog. Monthly, I’ll schedule out a few days to scout different locations for potential photoshoots. While taking the scenic route, I’m more observant of my surroundings. Always on the search for a hidden gem.

That’s how I came across New Beginnings Thrift Shop, a Black Owned thrift store in Randallstown, Md. While driving past a local shopping center, like any other day, I made the conscious decision to actually look at the shops in the center. Once I saw the thrift store, I knew that I had to check it out! I always love great thrift finds and what made this store super special is that their mission is to create ongoing jobs for adults with developmental disabilities.

Lucky for me, I found and purchased several dope blazers that were 50% off! My favorite was this green, plaid, blazer with elbow patches. When I saw it, I immediately knew that I had to pair it with red accessories.

See what happens when you take the time to just...slow down and be in the moment. You find hidden treasure! With this new mindset while exploring, I’ve found new minority owned restaurants to try, cute and quaint cafes to sip...and spill some tea with friends, and some bomb boutiques to shop at.

When was the last time you went exploring in your city? Try making it a priority to support a local owned business at least once a month.

Happy Hunting! To my Baltimore Regal Ladies, be sure to come back and let me know what you’ve found.

Images by Charles Preston


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